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Walnut Creek Drunk Driver Accidents

Concord, Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek Drunk Driver Accident Lawyer

Even in a suburb like Concord, Pleasant Hill or Walnut Creek, drunk driving happens with alarming frequency. Whether leaving a friend's house, a bar or a restaurant, drunk drivers put everyone on the road at risk. Whether you were in a car accident, bike accident or were struck while crossing the street, you have every right to seek justice from the drunk driver. At the Law Office of David G. Smith, our Concord, Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek drunk driver accident attorney will work to hold drunk drivers accountable for the injuries and fatalities they cause on the roads of Walnut Creek. To speak with a drunk driver accident lawyer, call 925-308-6484 or contact us online.

DUI Injury Accidents in Concord, Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek

Our drunk driver accident attorney has provided aggressive and experienced representation to clients injured in drunk driver accidents for more than 30 years. Our Concord, Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek DUI accident attorney can protect your rights and help you hold the drunk driver accountable through a personal injury claim.

Accidents involving drunk driving are particularly devastating because they could have been prevented. As a result, victims of drunk driving accidents are able to seek punitive damages in addition to damages for medical expenses, lost wages and damages for pain and suffering. Punitive damages are designed, as the name implies, to punish the driver for his or her reckless disregard for the safety and rights of others. They can often result in substantial awards. Our drunk driver accident lawyer will help you pursue full and fair compensation for your injuries after a drunk driving accident.

Contact a Concord, Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek DUI Accident Lawyer Today!

Whether you have suffered a traumatic brain injury or have lost a loved one in an accident, our DUI accident attorney can help you. We will thoroughly investigate the cause of your accident and collect evidence to demonstrate the level of alcohol in the driver's system, including police reports and criminal court records. Our drunk driver accident attorney will explore every available avenue to secure compensation for your injuries.

To learn more about your case, call a Concord, Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek drunk driver accident lawyer at our firm at 925-308-6484 or e-mail us.

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