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Do you know how to safely bike to work?

Biking to work has a lot of positives – it improves your fitness, reduces vehicle-related pollution and eliminates traffic from California’s overly congested roadways. However, biking during popular commuter times puts you at an increased risk for being hit by a motor vehicle driver. Are you doing everything that you can to keep yourself out of harm’s way?

4 common car-bike accidents a cyclist can avoid

If you are a cyclist accustomed to riding in traffic, you have probably seen your share of potential car-bike accidents—and perhaps you have even been involved in one or two. If you are a novice, you may not yet be aware of the most common causes of such crashes.

No matter how experienced you are as a cyclist, here are four accident scenarios you will want to be prepared for and do your best to avoid:

Things to know after a pedestrian auto accident

Accidents occur on a daily basis. If you are a pedestrian involved in an accident that was not your fault, you may qualify for compensation.

Before filing a claim, it may be helpful to ensure you understand the process. There are a few things to know about the personal injury filing process in relation to a pedestrian-auto accident.

How runners can stay safe on California roads

As a runner, nothing is better than lacing up your shoes and stretching your legs for mile after mile. Running is an excellent escape from the stresses of everyday life and offers you a chance to re-center after a long day.

Unfortunately, your daily run comes with the risk of serious injury. Motor vehicle collisions with runners are becoming all too frequent. Their large size and considerable speed can cause runners severe injury, paralysis or even death. Do you know how runners can increase their visibility and safety?

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