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Scooter injuries on the rise for riders and pedestrians

The electric scooter phenomenon is not going away anytime soon. You may be seeing more and more of the two-wheeled vehicles on which operators stand as they glide along the streets and sidewalks of California. So far, no federal laws regulate where scooters may operate or whether their riders must wear helmets or other protective gear. However, some states are slowly creating rules to protect scooter operators and those around them.

Whether you have discovered the fun and ease of using electric scooters to get around town or you encounter others on their scooters as you walk, you probably know there are certain risks involved for both riders and pedestrians. Lately, those risks have been making headlines as hospital emergency departments continue to report a rise in serious injuries from scooter accidents.

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An open fracture is a very real possibility in a bicycle accident

If you ride a bicycle regularly, then you have probably experienced at least one narrow escape with a motor vehicle. As your heart beat increased and your adrenalin kicked in, you realized that you could have suffered serious injuries.

Even so, you probably didn't consider the types of injuries you could suffer. One serious injury that is a very real possibility in a bicycle accident is an open fracture, also referred to as a compound fracture.

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Pedestrian fatalities increase despite Vision Zero policies

If you enjoy walking or riding your bike in California, you may appreciate your city's efforts to improve safety for you and others through the Vision Zero program. Vision Zero is a set of initiatives established in Sweden that successfully reduced the number of traffic fatalities by implementing strategies through engineering, law enforcement and public education. The noble goal is to reduce pedestrian, bicycle and motor vehicle fatalities to zero.

Many cities across the U.S. have adopted Vision Zero ideals and diverted money into implementing them. Unfortunately, the goal of making the streets safer for pedestrians and others has not found footing here like it has overseas. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities have increased in many U.S. cities embracing the Vision Zero campaign.

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Knowing bicycle fatality statistics may keep riders safer

If you ride your bicycle frequently around the Bay Area, you are probably familiar with traffic conditions and know that some areas are safer than others for cyclists.

However, you may not know much about bicycle fatality statistics overall. Keeping at least some of the statistics in the back of your mind may help you remain more vigilant and enjoy a safer ride.

Vehicle-Related Fatalities Drop in CA, But Not For Cyclists

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