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Do you know how and when most pedestrian accidents occur?

Data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that motor vehicles are responsible for a whopping 70,000 pedestrian injuries every year.

In addition, there are more than 4,000 collision-related pedestrian fatalities annually. How and when do such accidents occur?

Tips for bicycling safely at UC Berkeley

If you attend UC Berkeley, chances are you use a bike, skateboard or scooter to get around campus. These are much faster and convenient modes of transportation than simply walking. With a bicycle, activities such as getting from class to class, going to work and grabbing a bite to eat are easy. 

Thankfully, Berkeley has a great campus for biking. It even won an award for being so bike-friendly. But do not assume you are completely safe on your rides. There are still negligent drivers and hazardous conditions to avoid. Here are some ways you can maximize your safety as a UC Berkeley cyclist.

Mistakes to avoid if you are injured while cycling

Cycling is a popular form of recreation and transport in the Oakland area. However, it does not come without its risks. Motorists are often inconsiderate toward cyclists, and their inattention can result in serious accidents.

If you suffer an injury while cycling in the Oakland area, you have rights that need to be asserted and protected. Not only will you need to face the task of your own physical recovery from your injuries, you also will have to contend with the bureaucratic process of dealing with insurance companies. There are several mishaps that injured cyclists make, which you can easily avoid. 

What's going on around Lake Merritt?

If you work downtown like me, or you live near Lake Merritt, the construction has surely impacted your car or bike commute.

In a few months, you'll be able to bike around Lakeside Drive and Harrison Street on new protected bike lanes. Oakland Department of Transportation told Bike East Bay it expects the area to be rideable by August.

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