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During Shelter in Place Order, Here's What's Open

As you know, six Bay Area counties have ordered residents to shelter in place until at least Tuesday, April 7. During this time, all non-essential businesses and gatherings are closed or canceled.

For most of us, that means we work from home. We leave home to get only what is necessary: food and medicines.

A few other essential businesses and services will remain open, but many have limited hours or access.

Aggressive Driving: A Way to Get Nowhere Fast

During a popular group ride, an aggressive, impatient driver hit and seriously injured two cyclists. The cyclists were in the left turn lane, appropriately preparing to turn left. The motorist reportedly gunned it and crossed a double-yellow line - putting herself in the path of oncoming traffic - to get around the cyclists.

It didn't work. Instead, she "T-Boned" both cyclists as they turned left. One rider hit and flipped over the driver's windshield while the other got the full impact of the vehicle. The cyclist that flipped walked away with minor injuries. The other cyclist hit the front end of the car. He ended up in the hospital requiring emergency surgery.

Why Truck Accidents are a Big Deal

Why Truck Accidents are a Big Deal 

Yesterday I-80 West near Emeryville shut down during morning rush hour yesterday because a big rig truck overturned. At least two cars were involved, but no word yet on injuries.

Anytime a commercial truck collides with another vehicle (or anything at all, really) the damage is serious. Big rigs weigh at least 25 times more than the average car. Truck accidents often caue serious, even fatal, injuries. And when collisions lead to personal injury lawsuits, the parties involved and legal issues get complicated.

What to Know About Bus Accident Injuries

What to Know About Bus Accident Injuries

AC Transit serves about 53 million riders each year throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties. Bus accident injuries don't happen often, but when they do, they can be devastating.

In September, an AC Transit bus collided with a sedan near the Bay Bridge during the morning commute, resulting in injuries and four blocked lanes on the Bay Bridge. A couple months prior, a bus-car crash sent five people to the hospital.

Hit-and-Run Victim? Here's What To Do

Scooter injuries on the rise for riders and pedestrians

The electric scooter phenomenon is not going away anytime soon. You may be seeing more and more of the two-wheeled vehicles on which operators stand as they glide along the streets and sidewalks of California. So far, no federal laws regulate where scooters may operate or whether their riders must wear helmets or other protective gear. However, some states are slowly creating rules to protect scooter operators and those around them.

Whether you have discovered the fun and ease of using electric scooters to get around town or you encounter others on their scooters as you walk, you probably know there are certain risks involved for both riders and pedestrians. Lately, those risks have been making headlines as hospital emergency departments continue to report a rise in serious injuries from scooter accidents.

How to Stay Safe in Bay Area Public Parks

An open fracture is a very real possibility in a bicycle accident

If you ride a bicycle regularly, then you have probably experienced at least one narrow escape with a motor vehicle. As your heart beat increased and your adrenalin kicked in, you realized that you could have suffered serious injuries.

Even so, you probably didn't consider the types of injuries you could suffer. One serious injury that is a very real possibility in a bicycle accident is an open fracture, also referred to as a compound fracture.

5 Tips for Safe Holiday Travel in 2019

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