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How to be safe while on your skateboard

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2019 | Uncategorized

Skateboarding is an honored pastime in the Bay Area. However, it is also a dangerous one. Earlier this year, skateboarding entrepreneur Tomoko Oikawa injured himself during the annual Dolores Park Hill Bomb and suffered a traumatic brain injury

Such accidents are not uncommon around Oakland and San Francisco. Skateboarders can easily fall, and they can be hard for motorists to see them. That is why if you plan on riding your skateboard around town, you need to be cautious. With a few precautions, you can greatly reduce your risk of suffering a severe injury. 

Do not use headphones while skateboarding

As you ride over to campus, you may feel tempted to listen to your favorite songs. However, wearing headphones while riding a skateboard is just as dangerous as wearing them while behind the wheel of a vehicle. You need to be able to hear oncoming traffic or ambulances because it could impact whether it is safe to cross a street. 

Scan the area for hazards

You may know exactly what route you need to take to get to campus. However, before you ride your skateboard over, you should first walk the area. This will give you a sense of how crowded the sidewalk tends to get and whether there are any potholes, bumps or rocks that could get in your way. You may still be able to take the route, but you know what you need to watch out for. 

Avoid riding on the street

You should keep your skateboard on the sidewalk at all times. It is extremely dangerous to ride on the street with cars, and not all motorists will be generous with you being there. The most dangerous injuries occur when skateboarders are in the street and end up in a collision with a vehicle. If you fall on the sidewalk, you may sustain injuries, but they will not be as bad. 



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