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Disability After A Bicycle Crash

There are a few things you should always be ready to do if you are in a bicycle accident: take photos of damage or injury, record witnesses and write down what happened from your perspective. However, some of these can be difficult after a serious injury.

At David G. Smith, Attorney at Law, we know the extent to which a bicycle crash can affect your health, financial responsibilities and family life. We can help build a strong claim for financial damages to reimburse for medical expenses and other costs related to recovery, including compensation for pain and wages lost during the process of getting better.

A Settlement Can Make Disability Easier To Manage

California law describes a bicycle as a vehicle, like a motorcycle or even a car, and drivers of other vehicles on the road should treat them with that respect. But frustrated, negligent drivers often create dangerous conditions for cyclists by speeding past them or cutting them off.

Since bikes provide riders little protection, the chances of an accident causing significant injury are high. Bicycle injuries can often cause permanent disability. Recovery can take weeks or months and come with significant medical expenses, among other costs. Even if the driver at fault fled the scene, you have options for a settlement that can help you through a difficult period or get used to a new life.

This process is difficult enough if you have everything you need. We are dedicated to helping you get the resources you need for your recovery. Sometimes it is not enough to receive reimbursement for paid expenses, as medical expenses can continue to add up. This may even be indefinite, as victims with permanent disabilities may have new life costs that will not end, including medication, physical therapy, additional surgeries and adaptive equipment.

Checking All The Sources For A Settlement

There are many potential sources for financial help after a serious bicycle crash. The insurance companies covering either the victim or the driver at fault may be compelled to pay out for recovery expenses. The Social Security Administration may authorize disability payments, or there may be disability assistance available through the state of California.

We can help you identify the right sources for funding your recovery from a bicycle accident, whether you have a temporary disability or a permanent one. Contact our office today by calling 510-431-2598 for a free legal consultation with a lawyer on how we can help your case.