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Tainted Foods

Oakland Food Poisoning Lawyer

A broken tooth, searing jaw pain and expensive dental work — that is the cost a person pays when they’ve bitten into a tainted food item and found a foreign object like broken glass or a piece of metal. Americans are seeing another kind of tainted food injury in recent years: the serious medical problems that can result from E. Coli food poisoning. Salmonella poisoning can result in hospitalization, ruined immune systems, even death. Tainted food claims are not common, so many lawyers have not handled these types of cases, but Oakland food poisoning attorney David G. Smith has. Our firm knows how to get results, whether in negotiations or in court. Contact us if you have questions or need legal help; call 510-431-2598 or e-mail us for more information.

Tainted Food Attorney In Oakland

David G. Smith, Attorney at Law, aggressively represents clients with very serious food poisoning cases. We also advise clients who have smaller injury claims after being served food that was spoiled or contained a foreign object. In smaller cases — those that did not require hospitalization or have long-term health consequences — our tainted foods attorney can often walk you through the steps of handling the case yourself, or we can prepare a demand letter for you. We’re here to help.

Contacting A Food Poisoning Attorney

Getting prompt medical help is essential if you’ve suffered a serious case of food poisoning. Your life may depend on it. But even in lesser cases of food poisoning, or cases of dental injury, talking to your family doctor or dentist soon after the illness or injury is important if you want to prove that you experienced a serious problem. The longer you wait to talk to someone about your illness, the more likely the company at fault will say it did not occur or was not their fault. We can help you understand how to properly document an injury. Contact our Oakland food poisoning lawyer today to get more info about food contamination and your legal rights. Contact us online or call 510-431-2598 | 925-308-6484 to get immediate help on your food poisoning case.

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